Why become Catholic?

There are moments in life when we become aware that there is something deeper taking place, beyond what we see. We come to this realization that our hearts yearn for something more.

Everyday pleasures and relationships seem to be an end in themselves and the desire for profound happiness grows within us. This desire that we all experience in our own unique way is written in the human heart by God Himself.

St Augustine, a great Saint of the Catholic Church, helps put this desire into words: “Our heats are restless O Lord, until they rest in you.”

Thus, our journey towards becoming Catholic is first and foremost a desire towards God, who comes to us personally in the Person of Jesus Christ. He waits for us at the well, knocks at the door of our hearts, yearning to fulfil our desire for truth and happiness.

RCIA is the Church’s official means to welcoming people into the Church, and we here at the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney wish to support and accompany you in your journey. Please read other sections of this website, reach out to us here, and be assured of our prayers.