RCIA-participant-Janet-Tse“RCIA is a fantastic opportunity to learn about God and the Catholic faith in a relaxed environment that is open to all people… it emphasises the true meaning of Christianity which is Christ’s saving love. RCIA also provides an opportunity to learn the teachings of the Church from the Catechism and an introduction to the rich traditions of the Catholic faith without pressure. I would highly recommend RCIA for anyone interested in understanding the Catholic faith.”

RCIA participant Janet

New-Catholic-Naomi-Dekhtyar“Becoming Catholic for me was like fitting all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together… Coming from a Jewish family I had experienced Shabbat with the traditional blessings over bread and wine at Friday night dinners. After learning about the Eucharist I had a ‘light bulb moment’¬†when I realised that I had been connected to the experience of the Eucharist the whole of my life, without even realising it. I had finally come full circle.”

– New Catholic, Naomi